Friday, October 16, 2009

120 days of shadow: Day 13

My husband ("Mr. Green") took me out to dinner and the symphony tonight! It was wonderful. Especially since I got to dress up. Teehee. I wore a champagne-colored cocktail dress, and wine peep toe shoes. Since I would normally pair that with champagne eye makeup, I decided to do something out of character and pick the wine color instead. Hence the dusty purple eyeshadow.

Oh, and the lipstick is called Wine, too! It's Maybelline's Superstay, which really did stay. Even through our seafood meal. Nice! I'm really digging the color, too. If I didn't feel so self-conscious about it, I'd wear bright/dark lipstick every day. I'd be.... "the girl in the awesome lipstick!" Maybe when this eyeshadow craziness is over!

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