Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lipstick Storage

I was goofing around yesterday after a long, boring day of book-cramming, and found a bunch of amazing pictures and videos of ways girls had organized their makeup. While I didn't have enough energy to organize all of my makeup (actually most of it is lipstick anyway.... Who am I kidding?) I just chose to tackle my box lipsticks. That whole box thing sounded convenient at first... until I started dumping them out on the bathroom floor to find the right one, and "Mr. Green" kept stepping on them and getting annoyed.... Plus it just wasn't very elegant, which of course I am. Or at least this puts me a step closer to elegance. See???

This is all of them, except for like 2 that I'm trying to get rid of. The colors just won't work for me, no matter how I combine it with other things. So these are all the ones that I could actually wear. My husband was happy about this, because he said I would have to get rid of one to buy a new one, so that my system would keep working! Hmmm, smart. Not sure I like that, but it's smart.

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