Wednesday, October 21, 2009

120 days of shadow: Day 16

Yikes, this is getting harder than I thought. In my old age I'm forgetting which shadows I've used, and which I haven't.... Eep!

Well, I think I used this color today:

I'm wearing a rosy-wine colored dress today, so I tried to coordinate my makeup to my dress, but not be matchy-matchy. The verdict's still out though.

Let me tell you the story about my lipgloss/stick, whatever. I bought a Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick earlier this summer, not too long after it came out at drugstores. I was soooo excited because, um, I love lipstick! And the colors looked versatile and wearable, and the description of the formula sounded lovely too. Was it lovely? Not really.

First of all, it smells like the whole 64 pack of crayons condensed into one neat package. And not in a good way. I picked Peachy Scene (of course... anything with "peachy" in the title draws me like a moth to the flame), and yeah, the color was pretty. But the texture actually felt like a crayon, too! Not creamy at all like the ad claimed. Boo. It was waxy and thick and hard to spread. It's better if you apply it over a thin layer of gloss. But 2-step lip looks urk me. So here's what I finally did today. I took Peachy Scene (which was too thick):

....and combined it with a tinted balm of mine that is WAY too clear to wear alone (have lots of those!) and mixed it all together in a cute little *GREEN!* pot! Here's the finished product:

Pretty, right? And it goes on sheer, but with a nice punch of pinky color. And it feels like lip balm, which I love. It was pretty easy, too. Kinda messy, though. I chopped off the Peachy Scene and put it in the empty pot. Then I added my tinted balm and attacked both of them with my hairdryer for a few seconds so they were nice and mushy. Then I took a toothpick and mixed them together. And I really like this color!

Now I'm eyeing the rest of my lipsticks suspiciously, wondering who will be the next victim....

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