Friday, October 9, 2009

120 days of shadow: Day 7

Today was really blustery outside, so I opted for a pewter-y look. Pewter. I hate that word. P-U-ter. Ew. Good things my eyes don't look ew. Or at least I don't think....

For my lips, I picked a bright-ish color because I didn't wanna look washed out by the gunmetal-colored shadow. It's Maybelline's Forever Metallics Lipcolor Pencil in Blush Beams. Unfortunately, it's discontinued now, but you can find them at Dollar Tree! Oh, how I love Dollar Tree. Anyway, if you really like this color, I did some stealthy investigating and found Wet 'n Wild's Megaslicks Retractable Lip Stick in Passion Fruit Pink. It looks freakishly similar, although it is slightly more than a dollar. Sigh, well what are you gonna do.... Here it is:
In other VERY important news, Kim Kardashian is COPYING me! Check out her orange eyeshadow! I soooooo started it....

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